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Hello, my name is Allare Light. I am a believer in the oneness of existence. All living things are connected through energy, karma, & fate, therefore it’s is my belief that when you help another living being you ultimately help yourself. The abilities god has graced me with resonate through Tarot, dowsing& spiritual teaching/consultation (I am an ordained non-denominational minister).

If you feel drawn towards me, I humbly ask to be allowed to assist you, for when we help each other it is ultimately those around us who benefit. Astrological sign: Sagittarius - rising, Gemini - sun, Libra- moon.


SERVICES I OFFER: Types of reading, and/or spiritual council

• Tarot - $60 USD for up to 1 hr

• Dowsing (to connect with deceased loved ones)- and as well as connecting to spirit guides $50 - 30 min

• Spiritual Council sessions $60 for 1 hour(I am an ordained minister, non-denominational)

• Numerology full chart & compatibility analysis - is he or she right for you?? Let’s delve into the numbers and see - $100 up to 2 hours in-depth analysis (email required to send chart)

I accept PayPal, Cash app and Square payments. All sales are final & no refunds available per group rules.

Please do leave your feedback here, in comments under this file.

To book a session with me, please send me a PM on Facebook.




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