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Hi, I am our group’s Founder and Owner. I am a gifted Psychic Medium and Empath with decades of experience in helping those who are seeking answers to their life questions. I have helped with missing people cases and many people along the path, best suited for them as well as giving them the clarity they have needed.

I specialize in all types of readings, pregnancy & fertility readings but also offer Mediumship readings, general readings, past readings (not past life readings) and near future readings (up to 6 months), dream interpretations and many more.

I am able to use these gifts with Astro Traveling and also with Clairvoyance and Intuition readings. My gifts cover astral projection, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairgustance, clairolfactance, clairsentience, clairvoyance, mediumship, precognition, telekinesis, telepathic and empath. I do not use cards or any other tools for my readings.


• ALL READINGS & SESSIONS - I offer 3 different session options for my readings:

30mins, 60 mins, and unlimited up to a week (7 days) after initial reading


I can see, hear and feel passed away loved ones. This is for 1 loved one whom has passed.
Half hour: 40$USD
1 hour: 75$USD
Unlimited until connection is lost: 200$USD
Additional Relatives are 20$USD extra on each session

Five make it a bundle price 190$USD
30 mins - 350$USD
60 mins - 950$USD
Unlimited session, that’s 10$USD off half hour session
25$USD off 60 min session
50$USD off unlimited session when you want to connect to five passed loved ones.


I have the ability to feel what you’re feeling and understand on a deeper soul level and heal emotional wounds by absorbing this from you and releasing it with self-cleansing afterwards
30$USD 30 mins
55$USD 60 mins
105$USD Unlimited time

Pregnancy & fertility:

I can see if your pregnant what you’re having or when you will get pregnant and what you will have with a 6-month radius. I can also tell you if you’re having fertility issues and if it will be hard to conceive.
35$USD-60 min session there is no half hour or unlimited sessions for this reading

General Past, Present, Future for up to 6 months:

35$USD – 30 mins
65$USD – 60 mins
125$USD - unlimited session

Dream Interpretations:

35$USD - 10 questions for a clearer understanding

All Clair abilities sight, smell, taste, knowing, feeling, emotional feeling, hearing, touching:

35$USD – 30 mins
65$USD – 60 mins
125$USD - unlimited session

Life coaching:

150$USD 6 month in advance of life guidance

Angel Baby readings:

60$USD for as long as connection last

Please see below for my feedback, I’m sure you will enjoy your reading with me and receive the answers you are seeking. All bookings are final and no refunds, per group policies.


Due to privacy of our clients, names and pictures are blurred.


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