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Hello my name is Tika, I am 31 years old mother of 2. I am one of your verified readers with well over 2000 readings under my belt along with testimonials to match my words. I am a psychic medium with multiple abilities including clairvoyance, clairaudience, Clair cognizance, Clair empathy, clairsentience, clairalience. I am certified in numerology and a number specialist; this includes but not limited to life path numbers diverged from your name date of birth to angel numbers and their meanings for you. I have had my abilities all my life and runs in the family as all the woman on my mother’s side have all been gifted with foreseeing the future past and present. I am an ancestral witch and have just reached my high priestess status. I do spell work to those who are suffering and I do this by giving their free will back and binding negative energies, I also do some love spell work but this is for the client as well as whom they are questioning about to see what they truly desire, make the right decision for their life. I am a certified Tarot reader as well been reading them for 17+ years but certified for 10 years. I also do spirit guide work with finding whom your guides are including animals and how they help you in your life and any major messages needed to be passed through. I run a psychic awakening course as well to help hone in and develop your gifts do remember some are more gifted than others and some gifts you must be born with where others you can develop at any given time with the right educator time patience and practice. I am currently working on opening up my abilities to passed away animals as well. I also offer health readings I will connect to you on a soul and energy vibrational level and connect to those parts that are troublesome or may be come troublesome in the future, this will not be a diagnosis but will give you the information needed to talk to a medical professional. I use not only myself as a tool to aid in my sessions but also, tarot, pendulum, oracles, crystal balls, and crystals. I am not very well with names but do get letters. Time lines are only shown to me if the universe wants you to know when exactly this all could happen.

Please do remember that being open to the answers you are receiving helps aid in the accuracy as well and remember that free will is at play and every move one person makes changes the future so a reading you had a week or month ago can change in the blink of an eye due to our own ability to make decisions. I am open and free and answer with is 12 hours of being messaged. Things I specialize in are Love, Health, numbers, spiritual awakenings, birth charts, tarot readings, career paths, and financial guidance. Anything further message me happy to answer all your questions to make sure you’re comfortable with your choice for a session.

Check out my other two websites for Life coaching and Charm stones:


Services I offer: I accept PAYPAL and CASHAPP only!

Astrology and Birth charts:

• $200 for full birth chart

• $250 for full year astrology reports

Aura reading:

• $25 to connect to your aura and explain what it means for you

Baby angel and fertility:

• $35 a half hour $65 an hour

Chakra Balancing:

• $40 half hour session

Clair readings:

• $35 a half hour

• $65 an hour

Crystal Ball Scrying:

• $200 hour sessions Only

Dream interpretation:

• $45 flat rate to explain in detail why these are occurring and what the messages are being sent

Empathy Sessions:

• $70 an hour - this includes healing of emotional traumas and aiding in clearing mental blocks


• $35 half hour

• $65 an hour - read description above for what is included

Life Coaching:

• $100 half hour- this is a 4-session mandatory service

Medium readings:

• $85 - For connection to one spirit, and this last as long as the connection between me and them last

• $10 extra for each added spirit, so if it is 2 you pay $110, if it’s 5 you pay $250 etc

Numerology report:

• $80 for full initial report

• $25 extra for your personal month and or year that’s not in the original report

Certified Paranormal Activity Investigator:

• $200 to investigate everything you have going on paranormal in your home, work, or any where else in your life and the research can be extensive

Pendulum Readings:

• $35- $80 depending on the duration you are wanting

Spiritual Guide:

• $100 to connect to all your guides and give you in depth whom they are, why they are your guides and any messages needed to know at that time

Tarot card readings:

Mini 12 month spread reading:

• $80 - 12 cards, one for each month and a general outlook on how things will be

In depth 12 months spread reading:

• $500 - consist of 72 cards 6 for each month covering in depth 6 different areas in your life: general, love, health, spiritual, finance, career

Celtic Cross Spread:

• $60 10 card spread on you and a specific area in question

How does He/she really feel:

• $70 - 7 cards that will tell you how they see you, the relationship, what you ignore, the base or foundation of the relationship, the future of the relationship and the lessons learned

Past, Present, Future:

• $25 - 3 card reading, subject specific or general

Mini Weekly Forecast:

• $70 - 7 cards for general, overall outlook for the week

In depth Weekly Forecast:

• $120 - 42 card in depth spread on 6 areas of a your life. General, Love, Health, Career, Finances, Spiritual

Oracle Readings:

Mini Year Forecast:

• $80 - gives you the general message

In Depth Yearly Forecast:

• $250 - it’s 24 card spread - two messages for each month

Celtic Cross Spread:

• $55 - 10 card spread on specific areas in your life, and the advice the universe has to say on a deeper level

Past, Present, Future:

• $25 - 3 card reading, subject specific or in general

Mini Weekly Forecast:

• $45 - 7 card general overall outlook

In Depth Weekly Forecast:

• $90 - 14 card in 2 areas of your life


Tuning into your abilities:

• $150 per session that is 60 mins long.

I will connect to you intuitively and pull out your strongest ability, I will work with you and give you the best advice to advance this gift to its highest potential.

Soulmate Session:

• $100 - is he/she your soul mate? Let’s dive in, see what the Universe says and what type of soulmate are you meant to be. Some soulmates are not for love, but for a strong soul binding friendship

All sales are final, no refunds available. It’s a group rule that applies to all verified group readers. Thanks.

~ Tika


Due to privacy of our clients, names and pictures are blurred.


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