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Hello lovely people, my name is Tracy and I have been blessed to be an administrator/ reader in group for the past 5 years. My abilities came on as a child and I learned that I wasn't the only one as abilities have been passed down in my family throughout at least the last three generations.

I do work as a psychic/medium/empath and also, I am an awakening abilities teacher.


My readings are with:

• Tarot - past, present, future, love, etc. ~ starting at $50 USD

• Pendulum questions/ Palm readings/ Crystal Ball readings and Aura readings. ~ PM for price info

Readings I Specialize in

($150 USD)

• Past lives - up to 7 lives

• Connect to passed loved one – 85$ USD

• Astrology

• Life Path/Soul Path (hearts desire)

• Fauna Empath (animal empath)

• Planetary Origin - (if you have ever felt like you just don't belong here on earth)

PM me on Facebook to ask for other prices or to book.

Tracy Sutter


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